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21 May 2016

Sound Clip Saturday: The North Water

Called “a great white shark of a book — swift, terrifying, relentless and unstoppable” in Michiko Kakutani’s New York Times review, Ian McGuire’s The North Water audiobook should jump to the top of the “to-listen” listen list for any fan of Michael Punke’s The Revenant. Taking place on a nineteenth-century whaling ship, The North Water is the tale of two men thrown up against one another on an ill-fated voyage.

Henry Drax is a brutal, drunk man who serves as a harpooner aboard the Volunteer, while Patrick Sumner is an ex-army surgeon looking to salvage his shattered reputation acting as the ship’s medic. When Sumner discovers Drax’s evil deeds, the confrontation between the two men plays out on a moving stage amid the dark, cold sea… with one question arising: who will survive until spring?

Listen to an excerpt of Ian McGuire’s The North Water audiobook, read by John Keating:

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