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11 October 2016

Nine Life Lessons from Arnold Palmer’s A Life Well Played

A Life Well Played - Arnold PalmerThe golfing world lost one of its pillars, Arnold Palmer, in late September. But more importantly, the wider world lost a great man. Listen to a front nine’s worth of tales and tidbits—playing lessons in golf and life—from The King’s memoir, A Life Well Played, read by Golf Channel’s Rich Lerner.

1. Arnie’s Best Hole-in-One

2. Making Par the Hard Way

3. Friends Beat Victories

4. Regrets (Maybe)

5. Being Alive

“For a lot of players, golf is a way of making a living. For me, golf always has been a way of being alive. And nothing compared to the feeling of going for a victory. I never felt like I had to win at all costs, but I went all out.”

Arnold Palmer recording the introduction of A Life Well Played, July 2016

Arnold Palmer recording the introduction of A Life Well Played, July 2016

6. Losing Beats Winning

Arnold Palmer on the aftermath of his devastating loss in the 1966 U.S. Open at Olympic Club to Billy Casper, when he let a seven-shot lead with nine holes to go evaporate and couldn’t recover in the Monday playoff:

7. Dream, Don’t Hope

8. No Good Walk Spoiled

9. Always Striving

BONUS: Let Your Clubs Do the Talking “…if you’re good at something, you don’t have to tell anyone. You show them.” from the introduction, read by Arnold Palmer himself. Visit Golf.com to listen to the excerpt!

Arnold Palmer’s A Life Well Played audiobook is available now: Audible, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound

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