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22 February 2018

New Release: Brittney Cooper’s Eloquent Rage

Just in time for Black History Month is Brittney Cooper’s memoir, Eloquent Rage. This bold yet hilarious audiobook about feminism and black womanhood is littered with truth bombs that will incite you with rage to make change. Brittney Cooper is a professor at Rutger’s University in Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies, and listening to her narrate reminds you of that one professor who was EVERYONE’S favorite. You know… the one that people highly suggested you take (but not for the easy A) and when you came out of their class, you were energized and ready to take on the sick sad world.

The message of Eloquent Rage is heighted as an audiobook—you can hear key inflections that convey light and serious tones in Cooper’s speech that clue you into how she’s feeling, which helps listeners better understand her experience. But in addition to being articulate, Cooper is also extremely relatable to listeners. It feels like she is having a conversation with you instead of at you, and regardless of your background or upbringing, she is still able to provide insight and challenge ways of thinking about feminism, blackness, and the intersection of the two. Listen to Cooper while she brings character and her wealth of knowledge to her narration by listening to an audiobook excerpt below:

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