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14 October 2017

In the Studio with Jeff Rossen

“Because nothing disastrous happened yesterday, nothing disastrous will happen tomorrow”

“FALSE,” says Jeff Rossen. In his new audiobook, Rossen advises listeners on handling the expected and preparing for the unexpected. As a national investigative correspondent for NBC’s Today Show, Rossen has spent years gathering tips, tricks, and warnings for this program.

From spotting hidden mold, to learning what to do when your car skids on ice, and even how to trick your stomach into eating less on Thanksgiving, Rossen has you covered. With topics organized under applicable headings, listeners can jump around the audiobook to explore different topics or listen straight through from beginning to end. The sections include: Protecting Your Home, Travel Dangers Revealed, WTF, I Trusted You!, It’s All Fun and Games… Until…, Protecting Your Kids, Vacation Undercover, Everyday Life Hacks, and Bet You Didn’t Know…

The “Surviving Mother Nature” section felt all too real in the week he was set to narrate the audiobook. Instead of recording his tips on how to stay safe during tornadoes, lightning storms, and earthquakes, Rossen was sent to cover the monumental storms sweeping across the coasts. Broadcasting live from Tampa, he documented the major city’s preparation for a massive storm surge and advised viewers on how to evacuate safely, and what they should bring along with them.

We were able to catch up with Jeff when he returned to New York. Even in the midst of his whirlwind reporting, he was still committed to finishing recording ROSSEN TO THE RESCUE. In the booth, he brought the same approachable confidence to the audiobook that he exudes on his NBC segments. Even while covering various life or death scenarios, Rossen kept his tone bright, his dialogue energetic, and joked throughout the recording. Watch the video below for his take on underwear (!).      

Need another reason to listen to the audio? Macmillan Audio’s producer extraordinaire, Bob, had this to say about recording Jeff in the studio:

“Working with Jeff was a blast. He always brought tons of energy and enthusiasm to the studio and did a wonderful job making his audiobook unique for listeners. You didn’t hear it from me but he may have added content that doesn’t exist in the printed book.” Listen to a clip of Rossen to the Rescue, “It just might save your life.”

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