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16 March 2016

Jung Yun’s Debut: A Can’t-Miss Family Drama

Jung Yun’s Shetler audiobook is now available for digital download on Audible, Audiobooks.com, NOOK Audiobooks, and iTunes.

Jung Yun’s debut novel Shelter—which was selected by Edan Lepucki (New York Times bestselling author of California) as one of The Millions‘ “Most Anticipated Books of the Year” for 2016—is an audiobook listeners won’t want to miss out on. In Shelter, Yun introduces listeners to Kyung Cho, a young father who seemingly has the weight of the world on his shoulders—burdened by a house with a mortgage he can’t afford and a mountain of other debts that have accumulated as a result of he and his wife, Gillian, living well beyond their means for many years.

Just a few miles away—though it feels as though they’re worlds apart—Kyung’s parents live in the town’s most exclusive (and expensive) community, surrounded by an abundance of the material possessions Kyung so desperately wants for his own family. While Jin and Mae raised Kyung with every possible advantage, they never showed him and love or basic kindness, making it so he can barely stand to see them now… much less ask for their financial help. This all changes, however, when Kyung’s parents are the victims of a violent crime, leaving them unable to continue living on their own. For the first time in years, the Cho family is living under one roof… and the tension becomes unbearable almost immediately.

Throughout Shelter, Yun draws the listener into the Cho family’s emotional challenges as they try to move on and rebuild fractured relationships, both between parent/child and husband/wife, while also looking at what it means to be a Korean-American immigrant.

Listen to an excerpt of Jung Yun’s powerful debut, Shelter, read by Raymond Lee:

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