Sound Clip Saturday: New Releases

New exciting audiobooks from different areas of interests that will cure your post-summertime blues. Can’t get enough of the US Open? Listen to Maria Sharapova’s Unstoppable. Feeling overwhelmed with the world and want to unwind? Hear Manoush Zomorodi’s Bored and Brilliant. Whether you’re looking for a whimsical fantasy like Robin Sloan’s Sourdough or thrilling suspense like Ali Land’s Good Me Bad Me, Macmillan Audio has you covered!

Unstoppable by Maria Sharapova, Read by the Author

An emotional Sharapova after her win at the US Open. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Sharapova’s return to tennis at the US Open proved an emotional win over Simona Halep. Hear her passion for the game as she narrates her debut, Unstoppable.

Bored and Brilliant by Manoush Zomorodi, Read by the Author

Manoush Zomorodi, host of the famous podcast Note to Self, brings her lovable on-air personality to the narration of Bored and Brilliant. Smart, witty, and highly informative, Bored and Brilliant causes listeners to reflect on the role of boredom in their lives and provides compelling research to show how boredom is a great tool for creativity.

Sourdough by Robin Sloan, Read by Therese Plummer

Sourdough will delight listeners with the story of Lois Clary, a woman who receives a sourdough starter from the owners of a hole-in-the-wall she frequently visits. Narrator Therese Plummer does a perfect job of capturing both the male and female characters, and the audiobook includes exclusive bonus material on the correspondence between Lois and Slurry.

Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land, Read by Imogen Church

Milly turns in her serial killer mother and becomes part of an affluent foster family. As her mother’s trial looms around the corner, she begins to question the role of nature vs. nurture, wondering if she is doomed to eventually turn out like her mother. Imogen Church’s chilling voice highlights the tension and internal struggle that plagues Milly.

Isadora by Amelia Gray, AudioFile Earphones Award winner

AudioFile awarded Isadora by Amelia Gray an Earphones Award for the historical fiction about American Ballet performer, Isadora Duncan. Narrator Jen Tullock was praised for making recognizable “shifts [in] her vocal register” and the ability to distinguish characters’ “personalities one from another with canny intonations”. Isadora Duncan is known as the “mother of modern dance” and famous for her unconventional free-flowing and naturalistic dance movements. Isadora takes listeners through the experience of the real-life tragic event of Duncan’s accidental death of her two children, and the toll it took on her stardom and mental state. Gray’s creative style of storytelling and Tullock’s accents and ability to create drama, make Isadora an incredible and haunting audiobook.

Check out AudioFile’s full review!

Hear for yourself by listening to an audiobook excerpt:

Listen to Bill O’Reilly’s The Day the World Went Nuclear for the 72nd Anniversary of the Atomic Bombings

In Bill O’Reilly’s newest audiobook, he takes a break from his classic “Killing” series and explores the top secret Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bombs. O’Reilly takes the listener inside the mind of some of the 20th century’s most important people and delves at the reasoning behind the events that lead to the dropping of bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The listener is engaged by O’Reilly’s style to personalize monumental figures of history as he shows them, in great detail, what they were like and how they acted. Robert Petkoff’s narration makes each character come alive as the historical narrative is forming. This spellbinding historical text will show the listener the process by which the United States changed the world through a weapon, and continue to change it, many decades later, into the present. Listen to an audiobook excerpt of Bill O’Reilly’s The Day the World Went Nuclear, read to you by Robert Petkoff:


New Release: Class Mom by Laurie Gelman

If you’re in need of a good laugh or just want to listen to hilarious horror stories of classroom politics, Laurie Gelman’s Class Mom is the audiobook for you!

Gelman narrates her own novel in this bitingly funny story of a reluctant class mom who spent much of her early adulthood as a groupie for rock bands. After having two children by two different musician fathers of unknown identity, Jen Dixon decided it was time to settle down and raise her family in her parents’ house. But sometimes life throws curveballs, and when a disgruntled customer calls her Customer Support line at Allstate, she meets her “first husband,” Ron. They have a son, Max, and Jen must become a mom all over again—only slightly later in life than she would’ve planned.

Listen as Laurie Gelman combines the warmth of a mother with the cynicism of a public school politician and balances the two to perfection in this audiobook excerpt from Class Mom:

Macmillan Audio’s Fall Preview

With fall comes long strolls, wrapping up in cozy knit sweaters, and enjoying the warm hues of the autumn leaves. Here’s a preview of some fall titles that are coming out that will keep you listening into the cool nights.

Exposed by Lisa Scottoline, read by Kate Burton

In Exposed, Lisa Scottoline returns to the law firm of Rosato & DiNunzio and narrator Kate Burton is back to narrate. Mary DiNunzio wants to represent her friend, Simon Penisera, but her partner Bonnie Rosato is representing the opposing side. This conflict of interest creates a rift in the firm, forcing everyone to take sides. Listen to an audiobook excerpt of Exposed by Lisa Scottoline, read to you by Kate Burton.


Glass Houses by Louise Penny, read by Robert Bathurst

New York Times bestselling author Louise Penny continues her 13th installment in the Chief Inspector Gamache series, with return narrator Robert Bathurst. A dark, mysterious creature is lurking in Three Pines. When a body is found, Gamache fails to uncover the motive behind the murder. During the trial, not just the accused is on trial–Gamache’s own conscious is standing in judgment. Get an early listen of Glass Houses, read to you by Robert Bathurst.


Fresh Complaint by Jeffrey Eugenides, read by a full cast

Jeffrey Eugenides’s bestselling novels have shown him to be an astute observer of the crises of adolescence, self-discovery, family love, and what it means to be American in our times. The stories in Fresh Complaint explore equally rich­­­­–and intriguing–territory. This collection presents characters in the midst of personal and national emergencies. Listening to the full cast brings these stories to life!


Sourdough by Robin Sloan, read by Therese Plummer

When the two brothers who run the neighborhood hole-in-the-wall must quickly close up shop, ambitious software engineer, Lois Clary is put to the task of keeping their sourdough culture alive. She begins baking her own bread and bringing it to the farmer’s market where a whole new world opens up. She discovers a secret market aimed at fusing food and technology.


Stolen Marriage by Diane Chamberlain, read by Susan Bennett

Tess DeMello quickly ends her engagement when she marries a stranger, Henry, and moves to a small town in Hickory, North Carolina. She soon discovers she entered a loveless marriage with no way out, and is stuck in a small town where she suspects citizens are plotting against her. When a polio epidemic strikes the town, Tess starts working at the hospital against Henry’s wishes and finds meaning in saving the lives of her patients. Can Tess save her own life and uncover what’s behind Henry’s mysterious behavior?

The Ninth Hour by Alice McDermott

A young Irish immigrant opens the gas taps in his Brooklyn tenement. He is determined to prove—to the subway bosses who have recently fired him, to his badgering, pregnant wife—“that the hours of his life belong to himself alone.” In the aftermath of the fire that follows, Sister St. Savior, an aging nun, a Little Sister of the Sick Poor, appears, unbidden, to direct the way forward for his widow and his unborn child.

The Vengeance of Mothers by Jim Fergus, read by Laura Hicks and Erik Steele

Margaret Kelly, a woman who participated in the government’s “Brides for Indians” program in 1873, a program whose conceit was that the way to peace between the United States and the Cheyenne Nation was for One Thousand White Women to be given as brides in exchange for three hundred horses. These “brides” were mostly fallen women; women in prison, prostitutes, the occasional adventurer, or those incarcerated in asylums. No one expected this program to work. The brides themselves thought it was simply a chance at freedom. But many of them fell in love with the Cheyenne’s spouses and had children with them…and became Cheyenne themselves.

Tell Tale by Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer returns with his eagerly-awaited, brand-new collection Tell Tale, giving us a fascinating, exciting and sometimes poignant insight into the people he has met, the stories he has come across and the countries he has visited during the past ten years.

Sound Clip Saturday: The Map That Leads to You

From the first minute of J.P. Monninger’s latest novel, The Map That Leads to You, Monninger’s prose and Brittany Presley’s narration will intertwine to draw the listener into a deep sense of longing for European travel, coffee in Paris, and gazing up at the stars that dwell above the Seine. Before long, the smell of love will be in the air as the two lovers, Heather and Jack, lock eyes for the first time. The two lovers’ lives will be touched—futures changed by one another in a tale of love, journey, and self-discovery that will leave any listener’s heart yearning for the young love Monninger captures in this new novel. Brittany Presley’s narration only adds gas to the fire as she deftly sweeps the listener away to every corner of Europe along with our young lovers.

Listen to an excerpt of J. P. Monninger’s The Map That Leads to You audiobook,
read by Brittany Presley

New Release Tuesday: LoveMurder by Saul Black

Saul Black’s tough-guy prose combine perfectly with Christina Delaine’s hard-nosed narration in LoveMurder. Centered around Valerie Hart, the same detective from Black’s critically acclaimed debut, The Killing Lessons, LoveMurder takes the listener deep into the psyche of a sadistic killer. In this audiobook, Saul Black further cements his reputation as the Thomas Harris of the 21st century.

Valerie Heart must use her only asset, the beautiful and brilliant serial killer Katherine Glass, to catch a new killer on the loose. Delaine perfectly balances the gruff masculine voices and more delicate females ones with deft skill. Over and above the heart pounding suspense, Black has a powerful talent for humor in his dialogue. For fans of Silence of the Lambs, this is a can’t miss! Hear for yourself by listening to an audiobook excerpt of LoveMurder, read to you by Christina Delaine:

Mystery Monday: Paul Doiron’s Knife Creek

In a journey that begins with a hunt to rid the Maine forests of feral swine, game warden Mike Bowditch is dragged deep into the reopening of a long forgotten cold case surrounding the accidental death of a young woman nearly four years ago. Author Paul Doiron’s prose will encapsulate the listener in the living, breathing Maine wilderness and the rural northeastern culture he lives in. Return narrator Henry Leyva, weaves the tale together with a suggestive tone that always seems to beg the listener to remember every detail of this sprawling mystery. Every snap of a twig under Mike Bowditch’s boot will draw the listener deeper into the forest and nearer to the edge of their seat as Mike Bowditch begins to question everything around him … even the people he once trusted. Listen to an audiobook excerpt of Knife Creek, read by Henry Leyva: 


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